Senior Leadership Team

The Gibbons Senior Leadership team consists of five key positions within the organization: Chief Administrative Officer, Financial Director, Superintendent of Public Works, Director of Community Services and Manager of Sustainable Development.

The Senior Leadership Team’s responsibility is to carry out Council’s vision and to provide direction and leadership for the organization.  They are counted on for their adaptability, flexibility and innovation.


Chief Administrative Office

Farrell O'Malley is the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). He is responsible for providing administrative leadership for the town. His office is responsible for overseeing municipal operations, ensuring that Council directives are coordinated between departments and ensuring that corporate priorities are achieved.  Farrell may be contacted at 780-923-3331 or via email.

Assistant CAO

Debbie Turner is the Assistant CAO. She is responsible for overseeing the Corporate Services Department, providing assistance to the CAO and is the General Office Manager.  Contact Debbie at 780-923-3331 or via email.

Director Corporate Services

Debbie Turner is the Director of Corporate Services.  Debbie is responsible for Finance, Office Administration and Payroll. Contact Debbie at 780-923-3331 or via email.

Director Community Services

Mike Dubreuil is the Director of Community Services and is responsible for overseeing all activities and social programs offered in Gibbons.  Contact Mike at 780-923-3331 or via email.

Superintendent of Public Works

Eric Lowe is the Superintendent of Public Works. The Public Works department maintains, preserves and protects the infrastructure of the Town in a cost effective and professional manner without sacrificing quality.  Contact Eric at 780-923-2999 or via email.

Planning and Development.

Louise Bauder is the Planning and Development Officer. Louise is responsible for overseeing planning, economic and business development and sustainability within the Town. Contact Louise at 780-923-3331 or via email.