Water Problems

Water Problems

The Town of Gibbons is committed to providing safe and reliable water service to residents and businesses. Common problems or issues, along with potential solutions, are listed below. If you conduct any of these inspections but still cannot determine the cause or solution, contact the Public Works department for assistance at 780.923.2999.  If this is outside of normal working hours, please call the Emergency Call Out number at 587-337-6357.

Low or High Water Pressure

Most water pressure problems are not due to the Town's water system; rather, they are typically due to problems in the building's plumbing system. Below are are some useful tips:

Low Pressure at One Fixture

Check that the valve for this tap is wide open.You will usually find this valve under the sink or behind the toilet. Make sure the screens on the tap are clean.

Low Pressure with all Fixtures

  • Check that all valves on your water lines are wide open, including the valve where the water enters the building and the valve at the property line.
  • Have your pressure-reducing valve checked. This valve is typically located where the water line enters the building. It needs to be inspected to make ensure the screens are clean and that it is operating normally. It is recommended that a plumber do this if you are not familiar with your plumbing.
  • Check with your neighbors - a problem in the Town's system would affect them as well.
  • Check for leaks inside the building at faucets, toilets, hot water tank or outside the building by looking for water bubbling up, wet spots in the yard or areas where the lawn is greener.

High Pressure

  • Have your pressure-reducing valve checked as described for low pressure.
  • Check with your neighbors - a problem in theTown's system would affect them as well.

Leaking Hot Water Tank

Have your leaking hot water tank inspected by a plumber before replacing it. The leak could simply be a result of a faulty pressure-reducing valve. This valve is the cone-shaped device located on your water supply line next to the main shut-off valve.

Water Leak on Town Property

The Town is responsible for leaks from water pipes on Town property. If you notice water leaking on Town property, contact the Public Works Department. Town staff will confirm if there is a leak and also determine if it is on the Town’s side of the service valve or on private property. Once a leak is confirmed on Town property, repairs will be scheduled, based on the severity of the leak and availability of staff.