As of January 25, 2018 GFL will no longer enter any back alleys to pick up recycling.  As our contract states all recycling must be placed at the front of your property.

Garbage Collection - General Information

The Town of Gibbons has an automated waste pickup system.  Each resident is provided with a 96 gallon wheeled container which residents roll to the point of pickup.  In accordance with the Town ordinances, all waste must be placed within the roll carts.

Garbage pickup is on Thursdays. Please have your bins out by 7:00 a.m.

The act of burning refuse or garbage within the corporate limits is prohibited by Provincial Legislation.  A garbage disposal system is in place that effectively eliminates the need to burn refuse in your yard.

Should you require to dispose of additional refuse you may purchase a Roseridge Landfill permit at the Town Office which allows you an additional 1000 kg of garbage in a calendar year at no cost.  Should you exceed the 1000 kg, you will be billed at a rate established by the Roseridge Waste Management Services Commission

For more information please contact the Town Office or the Roseridge Commission at 780.939.5678 or visit them online at Roseridge Waste Management Services Commission.



In partnership with GFL, there will be an Town Wide annual spring clean up.  During this time, you may put large bin items at the curb of your property for pick up. FOR 2020 - If you wish to dispose of a fridge, freezer or air conditioner please call the office to register for a FREON pick up.  There is a $25.00 including GST for this registration 


Large Item Curbside Pickup Items



Garbage Disposal Bylaw

Roseridge Waste Management Services Commission

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