Our Staff

The Town of Gibbons is comprised of a variety of staff with a wide range of experience, knowledge and skills. Staff members are dedicated to the highest quality of service and to ensuring the effective and efficient delivery of municipal services.

We work hard to meet the needs of the community through respect, fairness and teamwork. We value feedback from citizens and are responsive to the expectations and requirements of our ratepayers.

The majority of staff can be found in the Municipal Office located at 4807-50th Street in Gibbons.

For individual staff contact information, please see below. To email our staff, use the form on our contact page.

Town of Gibbons Administration
Box 68
Gibbons, AB  T0A 1N0
P: 780.923.3331
F: 780 923.3691

Farrell O'Malley
P: 780.923.3331

E: fomalley@gibbons.ca

Chris Pinault

Executive Assistant
P: 780.923.3331

E: cpinault@gibbons.ca

Debbie Turner

Assistant CAO

P: 780.923.3331

E: dturner@gibbons.ca

Corporate Services

Monique Jeffrey
Interim Director, Corporate Services
P: 780.923.3331

E: mjeffrey@gibbons.ca

Utilities and Property Taxes Development and Sustainability


Louise Bauder
Planning and Development
P: 780.923.3331

E: lbauder@gibbons.ca

Bylaw Inquiries Public Works

Annette Anema
Accounts Clerk
P: 780.923.3331

E: aanema@gibbons.ca

Eric Lowe
Superintendant, Public Works
P: 780.923.2999

E: towngib@gibbons.ca

Community Services

Mike Dubreuil
Community Services Director
P: 780.923.3331

E: mdubreuil@gibbons.ca

Laura Schmidt
Manager of Family and Support Services
P: 780.923.2374

E: lschmidt@gibbons.ca

Stephanie Wilibnisky
Community Special Events &

Recreation Programmer
P: 780.578.2109

E: swilibnisky@gibbons.ca


Christine Steventon

Arena Bookings & Reception

P: 780.923.3331

E: csteventon@gibbons.ca

Noelle Parisian

Facilities Coordinator


E: nparisian@gibbons.ca