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Municipal Cemetery

Established in 2005, Gibbons Memorial Gardens is a municipally operated Cemetery located at 4212-51 street.

Memorial Gardens hosts 225 Burial Plots and two columbariums with a total of 72 double niches and 24 single niches. 

Interment Choices

Memorial Gardens offers a variety of interment choices, including standard and deep interment, cremation interments or columbarium niches. Please contact the Town of Gibbons at 780.923.3331 for more information.

Other Resources

Gibbons Cemetery Bylaw PI 4/05 Please see our Master Rates Bylaw for current fees Schedule B - Purchase Contract
Schedule C - Burial Deed

Schedule D - Marker Permit/Diagram


Schedule E - Transfer of Deed
Schedule F - Columbaria Door Inscription Schedule G Memory Wall Incription Schedule H Burial Application and Permit
Schedule I - Memorial Gardens Open/Close Charges

Columbarium 0501 Map 08 20 20

Highlighted areas are reserved

Columbarium 1201 Map 08 20 20

Highlighted areas are reserved

Gibbons Memorial  Gardens Map