Fort Air Partnership (FAP) is a non-profit organization that monitors the air people breathe in and around Alberta’s Industrial Heartland every minute of every day, all year long. FAP has ten continuous air monitoring stations, one of which is just behind Gibbons' Town Office. Take a tour of the inside of a typical station. You can check the daily and forecast rating of Gibbons' air quality by clicking on the button shown below.

Fort Air Partnership has released a Vision 2030 What We Heard Report summarizing the results of a 2017 public consultation with local residents, governments, industry and partners regarding its future growth and development. Read the report

Take the Pledge - Stop Needless Idling

Fort Air Partnership has joined forces with other Alberta Airsheds to discourage needless idling of vehicles. Research shows 60 seconds or less is best for the environment, and saves fuel and money. Go to the Alberta Airsheds Council’s website to learn more and make a pledge to not needlessly idle your vehicle.

Fort Air Partnership 2019 Regional Air Quality Results

A summary of Fort Air Partnership’s 2019 regional air quality monitoring results show that overall, the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) risk to health rating in the region was significantly lower in 2019 when compared to 2018. Learn more…


Thanks for all you do! The holiday season is the perfect time to say thank you to those from industry, government and the public who generously give their time and expertise to Fort Air Partnership as Board and committee members. See the list.

Fort Air Partnership - Q2 2019 Air Monitoring Results

Although most of the province was affected by smoke from wildfires burning in northwestern Alberta from May 30 to June 1, overall air quality in and around Alberta’s Industrial Heartland was of low risk to health the majority of the time from April 1 to June 30. Learn more…

Portable Station in Chipman

Portable Station in Chipman Now Up and Running!

Fort Air Partnership recently moved its portable air monitoring station to Chipman. It is now up and running. Go to to see a daily and forecast Air Quality Health Index rating for Chipman and to see live data from the station. Read more...

Clean Air Day June 5, 2019

Clean Air Day is June 5th, the following news release raises awareness of the day and what people can do to lessen negative impacts on air quality.  

Clean Air Day June 5, 2019

Data Trending and Comparison Report

Fort Air Partnership has just released a special Data Trending and Comparison Report detailing important information about how annual averages of five key substances that affect local air quality have changed over time within the Airshed. In the report, comparisons are also shown between the Fort Saskatchewan air monitoring station and stations located elsewhere in Alberta, Canada and internationally. Read the report.

Winter Temperature Inversions

Winter temperature inversions in the Capital Region have contributed to fluctuations in the Air Quality Health Index, at times resulting locally in steady levels of moderate ratings or the occasional high rating. Learn more...

Fort Air Partnership Long Term Action Plan

Fort Air Partnership just released a long-term action plan and Q3 2018 air quality monitoring results. Learn more...

First Portable Air Monitoring Station

Ribbons Cutting - Portable Station

Ribbons Cutting - Portable Station


Fort Air Partnership (FAP) Chairman Allan Wesley (centre) and Bon Accord Mayor David Hutton (centre right) cut the ribbon to officially open FAP's new portable air monitoring station June 19 while MLA Colin Piquette, members of the Bon Accord Council and FAP Board of Directors look on.


Fort Air Partnership’s first portable air monitoring station is now fully operational in Bon Accord. Check out the news release and fact sheet