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Fort Air Partnership (FAP) is a non-profit organization that monitors the air people breathe in and around Alberta’s Industrial Heartland every minute of every day, all year long. FAP has ten continuous air monitoring stations, one of which is just behind Gibbons' Town Office. Take a tour of the inside of a typical station. You can check the daily and forecast rating of Gibbons' air quality by clicking on the button shown below.

Fort Air Partnership has released a Vision 2030 What We Heard Report summarizing the results of a 2017 public consultation with local residents, governments, industry and partners regarding its future growth and development. Read the report

June 8, 2022 Clean Air Day

June 8 is Clean Air Day.  To mark the day, Fort Air Partnership is encouraging residents to take at least one action to lessen their impact on air quality. Learn more at

Clean Air Day FAP Media Release


Fort Air Partnership Particulate Matter Report

Please see the attached news release on the Fort Air Partnership Particulate Matter Speciation Report.

Particulate Matter Speciation Report

Fort Air Partnership - 2022 1st Quarter Air Quality Results

Please see the attached news release on the Fort Air Partnership 2022 Annual Air Monitoring Results, 2022 Quarter 1 Air Monitoring Results

Fort Air Partnership Long Term Action Plan

Fort Air Partnership long-term action plan. Learn more...