Planning & Development

Planning & Development

Planning and development works with all developers, regardless of size, to ensure development within the community is seamless and sustainable.

Planning and land use decisions are carried out in accordance with all local, provincial and federal regulations while taking into account the needs, desires and opinions of the residents while striving to create a safe, healthy and sustainable community.

High level planning decisions follow guidelines set out in Envision Gibbons, the Town's Sustainability Plan and the Municipal Development Plan. Envision Gibbons outlines the steps necessary to build a strong sustainable community. The plan encourages Gibbons to remain "rooted in family" even as we transform into a self-sufficient, suburban community.

The four pillars of the plan - Social and Cultural, Environmental, Economic and Local Governance - were created to assist the Town to reach back into the communities grassroots while creating a roadmap which will spark future development.

The pillars remind us that community is more than just physical infrastructure, to look past the present and position the Town for a future with major developments just outside the geographic border of Gibbons. More specific and detailed development regulations are available within the Land Use Bylaw. For an updated landuse and address map, detailing the zoning within the Town, click here.

The Land Use Bylaw sets out the development parameters which trigger the need a Development Permit is often necessary before Building, Gas or Electrical Permits may be issued. Development Permits are issued at the Town of Gibbons Office, all other permits are available from Inspection Group inc.   

If you have any questions about planning tools or if you have any planning and development inquiries, please contact Susan Gingell at or 780.923.3331.

Subdivision Authority

The Subdivision Authority decides on all applications for property subdivision and decides on any proposed subdivision applications such as municipal reserves, school reserves, and public road rights of way.

The Subdivision Authority meets only when an application is received and meetings are open to the public.