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Ex Arte Et Marte

posted on Sep 6 2019

The Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers (RCEME) Corps is celebrating its 75th anniversary, as part of that celebration 1 Service Battalion will be conducting a National level repair and recovery competition Exercise ARTE ET MARTE near the town of Gibbons. Members of the public are welcome to come on September 11 & 12 6pm-8pm and watch teams of Canadian Army technicians from across the country compete conducting complex military vehicle repair/recoveries in a tactical environment. Access is by bus only. Busing will start at 5pm and end by 9pm. Buses will pick up at the Gibbons Cultural Centre. Please bring your own chairs, blankets, water etc as there are no concessions available on site. *space is limited*. Admission is Free!


Dale Prosser said on September 10, 2019

What an absolutely awesome initiative - the public are so very fortunate to have this opportunity. RCEME (Retired). Arte et Marte

Lucie Roy said on September 11, 2019

What a great opportunity to see some aspects of training the troops go through. I attended on Wednesday at Location 2 and the troops provided a step by step of the procedures being performed. Like living the life of a soldier, all aspects were covered as to why the procedures were being done and the equipment used and why. Very fortunate to have that here. Great for those who are thinking of being a soldier or want an idea of the training.

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