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Organic Waste Pilot Project

September 19 2023

The Town of Gibbons is considering partnering with the Canadian Company Food Cycle Science on a pilot project to divert food waste from the landfill.   The pilot project would involve the subsidized purchase of a food recycler unit of which there are  2 sizes available - 2.5 L for $150 + GST (retails for $500) or 5L for $300 + GST (retails for $800).   Residents would be required to keep track of the number of cycles used over a 12-week period.  The organic matter can be used in gardens, added to a composter or given away and at the end of the pilot program, the unit is yours to keep!  


Foodcycler Video

If you are interested in participating in this pilot program, please complete the survey before November 20, 2023, here.
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