RFP- Recreation Master Plan

The Town of Gibbons is looking for a qualified vendor to construct a Recreation Master Plan.  Listed below are links to the RFP as well as any supporting documentation noted within the RFP.  Please note that any changes or updates to the RFP will be listed here as an addendum.  Please note that 2016 Census information is available on the Stats Canada website.

RFP- Recreation Master Plan

Gibbons Municipal Development Plan

AUMA Public Participation and Public Notification Guide

Sturgeon Regional Recreation Plan 2012

Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015

Active Alberta Policy


Addendum- Questions and Answers- Last Updated July 19

Q1: I was wondering if there is a budget for the development of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan?

A1: At this time, no exact dollar amount has been set as a budget amount.  We have outlined what our needs are in the RFP and we are looking to those organizations who are the subject matter experts to tell us in their proposal what the appropriate cost would be.  Once the deadline has passed, we will do a cost/benefit analysis of the submissions based on what is being proposed vs our criteria.