RFP- Recreation Master Plan

The Town of Gibbons is looking for a qualified vendor to construct a Recreation Master Plan.  Listed below are links to the RFP as well as any supporting documentation noted within the RFP.  Please note that any changes or updates to the RFP will be listed here as an addendum.  Please note that 2016 Census information is available on the Stats Canada website.

RFP- Recreation Master Plan Updated Oct 21, 2019

Gibbons Municipal Development Plan

AUMA Public Participation and Public Notification Guide

Sturgeon Regional Recreation Plan 2012

Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015

Active Alberta Policy


Q&A- Updated November 20, 2019

Q: Under Phase 3, it is noted to include a socio-economic impact analysis. Would this fall under the description of Phase 1, point 4, Define unique populations and their needs? Or would you require a proper socio-economic impact analysis?

A: As stated in Phase 3 of the RFP, we are looking for a socio-economic impact analysis.  If you feel that you can combine the requirements of Phase 1, point 4 and Phase 3, point 1 into one all-inclusive report then you are welcome to so.  If that is the route you are looking to go I would recommend that you identify that in your response.

Q:  The feedback I'm getting is that a $60,000 budget is very tight for the amount of consultation required and the report would end up very high level.  Curious if the Town is firm on this budget.

A: At this time, no exact dollar amount has been set as a budget amount. We have outlined what our needs are in the RFP and we are looking to those organizations who are the subject matter experts to tell us in their proposal what the appropriate cost would be. Once the deadline has passed, we will do a cost/benefit analysis of the submissions based on our what is being proposed vs our criteria.

The $60,000 you are referring to was left in the RFP in error as it was part of a previous template. Thank you for bringing this error to my attention. The RFP has now been updated with this number removed. Please note that this is the only change made in the update to the RFP.

Q: Could we apply on the 2nd phase, only? 

A: At this time we are only accepting proposals for the entire RFP, not on specific phases.  

Q: Do you have any allocations insights to share with us?

A: We do not have any additional insights (on allocations) to share at this time.

Q: Can you in short describe what are the top three biggest challenges Gibbons faces in the delivery of recreation services?

A: The challenges the Town sees are Consistent Public Participation, Achieving Cost Recovery on Programs, and Having Adequate Facility Space to program. However, the challenges seen by the public during consultation may differ from this.

Q: What kind of data is Gibbons currently recording and can provide to the consultant? In what format would this data be provided? Could you please specify by the following categories?

A: There are multiple ways that data is currently being recorded. Facility use is being tracked using Book King Recreation software and can typically be exported into an Excel spreadsheet.  Most structured programs are also booked using the same software. Unstructured recreation use is tracked manually and could be compiled into either a Word or Excel document.

  • Facility use: Book King
  • Program participants: Book King
  • User groups: Book King
  • Facility and program fees: Excel and Word
  • Staffing: Excel and Word

Q: Can the GIS mapping data used in the 2018 Municipal Development Plan be made available to the successful consultant? Does the Town have GIS data of its trail system? 

A: The GIS in the MDP was done by a third party and is only available to the extent in the document. However the Town does have its own GIS system that can be made available to the successful consultant that covers all of the Town including the trails.

Q: Does the Town have population projections for the 20-year time horizon of the Recreation Master Plan or are population projections to be generated by the consultant? 

A: The Town will provide a population projection for the 20-year time frame to the successful consultant.

Q: Has the Town earmarked potential future annexation areas that can be provided to the successful consultant? 

A: The Town has just completed an annexation in the last 2 years.  Future potential annexation needs are currently being discussed and may be directly impacted by the final Recreation Master Plan results.

Q: Is there a requirement for a field assessment of parks and trails? Given that the project is being carried out over the winter, this might prove to be challenging. 

A: Assessment needs for the parks are minimal as most parks have been updated in recent years.  A trail field assessment is of higher importance from the standpoint of maintenance and expansion.  The Town can assist in accessing the trails area in the winter months.

Q: To what degree should the consultant assess the condition of existing recreation facilities? Can this Master Plan rely on the existing inventory of facilities with management estimates for replacement of major components? Or is the consultant expected to carry out building assessment? 

A: The successful consultant can rely substantially on the existing facility condition information provided by the Town when assessing the current conditions.

Q: Are there particular consultation methods that have worked well in the past, and others that have not been successful? 

A: Large scale public consultations on recreation have not been conducted often enough to provide an adequate answer to this question.