Town Wide Events

Life-Sized Board Game

Looking to get out of the house? Come check out our life sized, outdoor board game behind the Gibbons Cultural Center! All you need is a dice and you are ready to play. Due to social distancing rules we ask that only members of the same household play at any given time, but don’t worry, the game will be set up for two weeks so you will have lots of time to play!

Where: Behind the Gibbons Cultural Centre

When: June 1st - 12th

Town Wide Bingo

Looking to explore the many places Gibbons has to offer? Check out our Town Wide Bingo! Summer Programs staff has set up many locations throughout town with a bingo number for you to find, and our bingo sheet can be found below, or on our Facebook page. All you have to do is fill out the bingo card with the location you found each number and submit it to us at or text us at 587-596-8576 along with your contact information to be entered to win one of three great prizes (one for a line, one for an X, and one for a full sheet). Submissions will be accepted till June 26th. Good luck and stay safe!!

When: June 15-26th

Canada Flag Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a fun way to celebrate Canada day? The Town of Gibbons Summer Programs staff has hidden 15 small Canadian Flags throughout the town for you to find. Look for our sun logo to help you know you are close!! Once you find all 15 flags simply send a list of all the locations at which you found flags at or text us at 587-596-8576 with your contact information and you will be entered into our prize draw!! Submissions will be accepted till July 10th. Stay safe and happy hunting!!

When: June 29th - July 10th

Amazing Race

How well do you think you know the Town of Gibbons? Summer programs Staff has set up an Amazing Race around town for you to test your knowledge! Each location is marked with the summer programs logo (yellow sun) and contains a ziploc bag with a sheet containing your clue, and one letter. At the end of the Race you will be asked to unscramble all the letters in order to form a mystery word. Submit your word at or text it to us at 587-596-8576 with your contact information to be entered into a prize draw! Submissions will be accepted till July 24th. Good Luck and Stay Safe!!

When: July 13th - 24th

NOTE: All necessary attachments will be posted on the start day of the events. Attachments can be found on our facebook page at: Gibbons Summer Programs