Roseridge Landfill Information

Roseridge Landfill Tag

If you receive a Utility Bill from the Town of Gibbons, you can purchase a Landfill Tag to allow you to take any extra or large items to the Roseridge Landfill.  The Tag allows you to dispose of 1000 kg (1 metric tonne) of refuse annually at no cost to you.

Should you exceed the limit in a calendar year, (January to December) all overages will be billed on your monthly Utility Bill based on a rate established by the Roseridge Waste Commission.  The Tag is valid as long as you receive a Utility Bill from the Town of Gibbons.  Should you lose the Tag, please notify the Town as soon as possible to avoid risk of someone else charging your account.


Only one tag can be issued per home!  A renter must be receiving the Utility Bill in their name and receive permission from their landlord in order to be able to purchase a Landfill Tag.

Applications must be made in person.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office.  To inquire what is acceptable at the Landfill please contact Roseridge Waste Management Services Commission at 780-939-5678. 


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