August 2017 - Annexation Application Delivered to MGB

The Town of Gibbons has officially filed the annexation application with the Municipal Government Board (MGB). This provincial body will be responsible for making the decision whether or not to approve the application. This map shows the location of the proposed annexation lands (red), the Town of Gibbons Annexation Application can be viewed here





July 2017 - Annexation Agreement Passed by Gibbons & Sturgeon County Councils

The Town of Gibbons Council (June 28, 2017) and Sturgeon County Council (July 10, 2017) have both passed the Annexation Agreement. With Sturgeon County’s approval and endorsement, this means that the Town of Gibbons’ annexation application will now go to the provincial Municipal Government Board (MGB) as an uncontested annexation application for final decision. This final step is the culmination of several years of collaboration between the two municipalities and numerous public engagement events. The Town of Gibbons kindly thanks all for their valuable participation in this process!


Annexation - The Next Steps 

The second Annexation Open House held on June 7, 2017, brought out 9 people to hear an update on our progress. See handout. From here the information will go back to the Negotiating Committee for their input, then to both Sturgeon and Gibbons Councils for ratification. It will then be sent to the Municipal Government Board for review. 


Annexation Open House #2

Join us for the second annexation open house for the opportunity to provide valuable feedback regarding the proposed annexation of Sturgeon County lands. The Town of Gibbons Administration has worked closely with Sturgeon County Administration and adjacent residents to complete this process in a fair, efficient and beneficial manner. This will be the last open house before the Town of Gibbons presents the final annexation report to the Municipal Government Board for approval.

7 PM | June 7, 2017

Pembina Room, Gibbons Cultural Centre


Annexation Process

Annexation is a process where the boundaries between two or more municipalities are adjusted. It involves negotiations between the effected governments, public engagement and a formal review by the Municipal Government Board.  It is the Lieutenant Governor in Council who makes the final decision on whether the annexation is successful. 

Working cooperatively with our neighbouring community Sturgeon County, the Town of Gibbons is looking to expand by absorbing three quarter sections of land presently within Sturgeon County’s jurisdiction into our boundaries. The three quarters are located along the Town’s south-east border and if the town is successful they will facilitate measured long-term growth and greater economic opportunities for the region.


The Negotiating Committee 

A key component of any successful annexation process is input from all affected municipalities. The Municipal Government Board requires municipalities to negotiate in good faith and to come to an amical and fair agreement on the terms of the annexation. A negotiating committee, including council members from each community have been meeting to work out the details and ramification of the transfer.

An Annexation Open House was held on March 16, 2016 to help collect community input. Twenty-four people stopped in during the evening to get more information. Click to see the presentation given at the Annexation Open House.

Annexation Q&A

If you have any other questions regarding the Annexation or the process that is being followed please contact:


Farrell O'Malley (CAO) Town of Gibbons

P: 780-923-3331



Lanny Boutin

(Manager of Sustainable Development)

Town of Gibbons

P: 780-923-3331



Jane Dauphinee (Senior Planner) Municipal Planning Services

P: 780-496-1991